We're Here to Get you Back on Your Feet

From windstorms to earthquakes and burst pipes, nature can inflict itself on your beloved home. We are your team in these moments of need. We are ready and experienced in post-disaster remodeling services.

Natural Disaster Restoration

Natural disasters are catastrophic events that take can us by surprise.  The type of natural disaster that strikes determines whether our restoration work can be carried out in hours or days, however, our team will be with you every step of the way. BTL Remodel Inc provides a rapid, qualified, and compassionate restoration service that will get your house back to its pre-disaster best. We want to minimize any additional upheaval experienced by your family. A natural disaster can be traumatic. Know that if this occurs, you have the best restoration team at your fingertips. BTL Remodel Inc is that team.

Water Damage Restoration

Burst pipes, sudden or non-forecasted downpours, unseasonably high amounts of melting snow…happen. All of these can result in flooding, especially in a basement. If your basement has flooding that has already occurred or rather; you want to prevent flooding from occurring, BTL Remodel Inc can help. We help the flooded areas in your home become habitable again. Blending our years of experience with the latest and most innovative restoration techniques, we are your resource for water damage repair and restoration.

Our Team is Standing By

No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, BTL Remodel Inc will help you recover from your disaster. From weather events, burst pipes, or flooding, we are your rapid disaster restoration service, guaranteeing real and long-lasting results.